Are you too busy working and growing your business and don’t have time to write about it to promote it?

Or maybe writing about it just isn’t something you’re good at.
(and that’s ok)

You came to the right place. I will do it for you!

Make Your Business Thrive With the Helpful Content I Provide That Is:

focused on lead generation
formatted to maximize reader attention
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Use the Attention-grabbing Content I Write To Help Your Business:

  • increase your website’s online visibility with my strategic keyword placement
  • get clicks for your website and grow new leads for your business
  • attract readers to your content
  • connect with your audience with my structured, persuasive, and engaging writing

A little bit about Barbara…

Before becoming an online writer, I was a librarian for 10 years, meaning research and content curation are at my very core.

When writing about any topic, I ensure that I evaluate and research all the informational resources available. As I write for clients, I utilize strong analytical skills in my research.

I enjoy writing on a variety of topics. For a better idea of my writing, please take a look at my portfolio. I mostly enjoy writing about and have extensive and versatile personal experience in:

  • healthy living (CBD, intermittent fasting, etc.)
  • skincare
  • AI, crypto, and tech
  • parenting + geriatric pregnancy & breastfeeding
  • traveling & hiking
  • retail
  • laywoman’s finances

…and a bit of fun info 🙂

I’ve hiked El Camino de Santiago in Spain (over 550 miles in one month) and it was a life-changing experience.

I’ve lived in 3 different countries on 2 different continents and traveled to over 20 countries worldwide.

I am obsessed with chocolate, cheese, and skincare and I even write about it on my blogs.

I’m a proud mompreneur and we are a multicultural and multilingual family. When my fingers aren’t busy typing they are busy tickling my daughter or just covered with paint, glitter, and play-doh!


If this sounds like we could be a good match and you would like to collaborate with me, let’s talk!

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