If your business needs a little push to get more views, I write high-quality Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content which means it ranks in Google search.

What I Do

I Provide Attention-grabbing, Structured, And Helpful Content Through the Services I Offer:

Copywriting, Content Writing, Blogs

An Attention-grabbing and engaging copy to promote your business

Business To Consumer B2C

Copy that helps your readers make the decision to purchase your product or services

Speech Writing & Press Releases

Connect with your audience with properly structured speech or announce your news


Help attract readers to your content that is easy to read and enjoyable

Slogans & Brand Names

Help your brand buzz with a catchy and innovative name and slogan


Using your information and ideas to write content under your name

AI Prompt Engineering

Asking AI tools the right questions the righy way makes all the difference in the output you will receive

AI Content Editing

Tweaking and correcting the content to make it look more human-written

AI Content Fact Checking

Researching top authority resources for accurate and  up-to-date information

Content Refreshes

Editing an existing website content to refresh backlinks, text and update stats

Video-to-text Content

Turning a webinar or video-related content into a blog post or article

About Me

Hire Me

Professionalism, punctuality, maximum productivity output, and respectful communication

Content that is sourced and up-to-date

Content that is formatted properly to maximize reader attention

I will provide all the blog topics—unless you prefer otherwise

I will include a featured image with all of my blog posts—or use yours if you like that better

I will upload posts to your CMS (content management system — e.g. WordPress)

Niches I specialize in:

I mostly love to write about intermittent fasting, CBD, skincare, AI, mommy/parenting, movies & tv shows, hiking and traveling.

However, I am always open to exploring other topics as well!

As a former librarian, when I have a topic in front of me I head dive into research. You can almost call it a professional flaw🤓

So Why Should You Hire Me?

Because every minute you can spare matters!

You probably think you need to do everything to make your business successful. I get it!

However, while it’s essential to invest your time and effort into growing your business, it is also important to maintain a healthy balance between your work and personal life.

There are only so many things one can do for their business. Not everyone is good at everything. And that’s ok.

Sometimes it’s necessary to outsource certain services. For many entrepreneurs, writing is one of them.

Let me help your business grow more traffic with engaging content your audience will love.

And so, if you finally want to go on that hike, teach your kid how to ride a bike, or finish the last season of Stranger Things, then hire me and make more free time for your personal life. You deserve it! 😉

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